The Profit First REI Podcast Profit First and Infinite Banking Talk with Lane Kawaoka

Existing and potential real estate investors are often in the quest to better and grow their businesses while prioritizing profits. Today, Lane tags us along as he explores the roadmap on value-addition and business elevation in real estate investing. Moreover, he will take us through tips and tricks of maintaining a profit-first mentality for survival in the real estate business.

Lane has some incredible experience in the real estate world where he owns over 4000 units, is a writer for Forbes, and is Amazon's bestseller. His progressive accumulation of wealth in the real estate business is attributed to his profit-first mindset. Acquiring the first few properties is tough and weary, but you have to keep going until you achieve what you want.

Venturing into real estate requires resilience, especially when you don't have the power and people privilege around you. Real estate is rewarding as it gives you the tax benefits and is highly ranked in risk-adjusted returns, and if you are on the lookout for percent returns, Lane's profit-driven techniques are what you need to achieve that.

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Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[02:02] Lane’s Backstory: How he got into real estate

[08:23] How Lane implemented the profit-first mindset

[16:41] Different financial KPIs 

[18:47] Tips and tricks in real estate

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“There are not many things out there that beat real estate in terms of risk adjusted returns.”

“Buy term and invest the difference.”

“Get out of institutional funds and work directly with sponsors.”

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