The Profit First REI Podcast Profit First Radically Changed His Business: An Interview with Nick Perry

Have you been trying to have a seven-figure income from your real estate investment all in vain? This episode is for you!

Today, we have Nick Perry joining us on the show. He is the CEO of the 7 Seven figure Selling Cartel. He is on a mission to help real estate investors who are actively wholesaling and flipping get to a consistent seven-figure income.

In this episode, Nick will share his real estate investment journey, how he got his business back after a rough patch in life, his profit first mindset, and nuggets of wisdom for real estate investors. Nick’s entrepreneurship journey indicates that we can achieve anything we want if we remain focused and determined.

Listen in to this episode to hear Nick’s story.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:
[01:31] Getting to know Nick
[02:25] What got Nick into real estate investing?
[07:19] Nick’s real estate journey
[14:43] How Nick runs the business and why he got involved with other companies
[18:51] Nick’s profit-first mindset
[29:59] Nuggets of wisdom for real estate investors

Quotable Quotes from the Episode:
“When you have excess time and money on your hands, you start look into other opportunities, because if not, you’re going to get taxed on that money.”

“I see a lot of investors, go out of business because their expenses got out of control in one department.”

“Debt used the proper way will catapult you to that next level very quickly.”

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