The Profit First REI Podcast Profit First Real Estate Investors Principles

Are you tired of constantly taking home what remains after your expenses? It is time for you to acquire a profit-first mindset. A profit-first mindset dictates that you start with profit and what remains to go to expenses.

 In this episode, I will share the three pillars of Simple CFO and why they are essential in any business. It doesn't matter what industry you are in; the three pillars are applicable. The truth is, regardless of the industry you are in, you'll always deal with money.

Profit first: This pillar aims at helping business owners change their mindset, behavior, and habits created from their financial perspective. This pillar helps to bring clarity to the entrepreneur and helps them align with their true values.

Good financial Clarity: This pillar involves knowing exactly where you are at any time from the data you have in your business. It's knowing your company's story. You need always to be aware of where you are as a company for you make informed decisions.

Wealth creation and accumulation: This pillar revolves around making sure that you make a lot of money in your business. For instance, if you are in real estate and you stick long enough, you'll learn the industry's ins and outs. The experience will help you decide the path that works best for you in the long term and short term.

Listen in to this episode to learn more about the three pillars of Simple CFO.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[00:19] The profit first process

[01:11] Profit first pillar

[02:50] Good financial clarity pillar

[05:10] Wealth creation and accumulation pillar

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