Think First and Drop the Ego – Leveling Up Strategies with Marck de Lautour

Time is such a finite thing. So when you trade time for dollars, you cap your income. As it should be pretty clear by now, there can be a serious problem when you barter your time for money. And with us in the show is someone who’s a master in creating generational wealth and passive income. 

Marck de Latour will give you a mind-shift change as he lays down the benefits of real estate investing and how to keep your money rolling without you!

Key Takeaways for This Episode:

[1:31] Where is Mark from?

[3:59] Would he put a high value on the education that he perceived along the way in his real estate investing journey?

[8:54] The story of how he became a full turnkey provider?

[10:41] The mindset of creating a team that will help you in your business?

[12:14] The mind-shift for him was analyzing that he needed to pay high wages and high compensation.

[14:22] If you don’t want to scale your business, you don’t have to

[17:04] There are no secrets to success, only executive 

[17:47] What early lessons did he learn about money?

[18:46] Understanding trading time for dollars vs. owning something 

[21:34] The value of your compensation will be equal to the problems that you solve in life

[29:11] Think of where you want to go. The destination is important, and enjoy the journey.

Quotable Quotes:

[6:09] “It’s easier to do than to think. But it’s harder to think and plan and strategize.”

[11:29] ”When you reach the point where you're trying to scale and grow, you can get good, but it's really how to get great and remove you from the process.”

[14:39] “When you’re doing big deals throughout the year, you have to scale up and go through the pain.

[29:42] “The strength of the entrepreneur becomes the organization's weakness.”


Profit First Real Estate Investing by David Richter- 

The Legend of the Monk and Merchant by Terry Fellber- 

Mark’s LinkedIn- 

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