Unshackling Entrepreneurship: Finding Freedom Beyond Financial Success

“People become entrepreneurs because they want freedom, they want control. What happens is typically, the profession and the phase to get more and do more ends up controlling them.”

Joining us in this episode of Profit First for REI podcast is Brad Chandler and Yvonne Trost. Brad and Yvonne's passion is to help people. They created a program as an opportunity to help people make a true impact on their lives.

In this episode, Brad and Yvonne dive deep into what is holding you back as a human being and as an entrepreneur. They can help you with the key aspects and first steps of getting on a better path, so keep tuned in!

Key Takeaways:

[00:57] Introducing Brad Chandler and Yvonne Trost
[06:04] The self-worth issue
[10:57] Being an entrepreneur as a trauma-response
[13:34] Everything that they have is inside them
[19:17] The limiting beliefs
[21:12] Letting go of fear and judgment
[26:00] The different money mindsets
[30:00] Reason behind perfectionism
[31:30] Connect with Brad Chandler and Yvonne Trost


[07:28] “It's built into us to find safety…our self-conscious mind's job is to keep us alive and safe.”
[13:22] “Quite often, the things that we seek outside of ourselves are the things that turn around and not give us what we intentionally wanted to begin with… everything that they have is inside them.”
[19:17] “You are the only person who limits you, not society, not the world, not your education, it's you. Primarily you limit yourself by self-learning beliefs that are in your head.”
[30:51] “Trauma isn't the actual bad thing that happens to you. The trauma is the meaning that you place on that event.”

Connect with Brad and Yvonne:

Website: https://www.bradchandler.com/

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