Unveiling the Path to Profitable Real Estate Entrepreneurship: From Shiny Objects to Financial Focus

What are the differences between an entrepreneur and an investor?

Tony Castronovo clarified the differences between the two, and he has more to share in this another CFO Series of Profit First for REI podcast!

Tony tells his stories on how he went from owning a single family to a multi-family, his journey in real estate investing, and the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial world.

Listen and enjoy! You might see where you are right now and the areas you are struggling in real estate investing!

Key Takeaways:

[00:56] Introducing Tony Castronovo
[02:58] Journey of becoming a CFO
[07:44] Difference between investor and entrepreneur
[13:58] How Simple CFO helps in financial clarity
[15:40] Tony's Profit First Journey
[19:20] Best lesson/s he learned for decades
[21:07] Good first step in the real estate investing journey


[06:47] “Going full-time just gave me a bit of a supercharged boost to really go after it.”
[07:44] “An investor is someone looking long-term to build wealth, and an entrepreneur is very much into a day-to-day income to have a business that will eventually produce wealth.”
[13:41] “If you are not wise about how you buy and operate those deals, it is just chasing your tail.”

Connect with Tony:

Website: https://simplecfo.com/  

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