Why He Chose Real Estate and Multi-Family Investing with Sean Thomson

Are you an investor who wants to transition from single-family to multi-family investing?

We’ve got Sean Thomson with us today to give us his knowledge on multi-family real estate investing. He himself has made the jump from working in the single-family space to founding the Thomson Multi-Family Group and working with accredited investors to join his ventures throughout the country.

Join us as we cover multi-family real estate and beyond, including financial independence, self-belief, and more, in this episode of the Profit First for REI podcast!

Key Takeaways:

[00:40] Introducing Sean Thomson 
[02:03] Sean on Why He Chose Real Estate and Multi-Family Investing
[07:07] His Current Progress in His Multi-Family Journey  
[12:06] Financial Struggles He Experienced in His Journey
[17:06] What You Need to Start in Multi-Family Investing
[24:41] On Sean Working With His Family
[27:52] The Biggest Lesson Sean Has Learned in His Investing Journey
[31:11] Connect With Sean Thomson


[07:28] “I had to convince myself to believe in ME.”
[07:34] “I feel like one of the big things that happen in real estate is you always hear this old adage that real estate investors are extremely wealthy on paper, but they're broke in their bank account.”
[14:17] “We're constantly reinvesting…We're always looking at how to create a better future. And I think that's a very important skill for anybody that's going to be in any business.”.
[28:23] “I think if you think things through—if you really think about the strategies you're deploying, if you do things on a fundamental level that are solid and principled, and if you do your business properly—I don't think losing money is an inevitable inevitability.”

Connect with Sean:

Website: https://www.thomsonmultifamilygroup.com/

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