Zero to a Million – How a Strong Mentor, Great Partner & Profit First Got Him There with Michael McDonald

Having a good life partner is also one of the keys to real investing success. 

We have Michael McDonald, a well-respected real estate investor, who shares his journey from having a debt of 45,000 and how in 2022, he was able to buy his dream car through his success in real estate investing.

Listen as Michael shares how having a good life partner, trusted mentor, and Profit First helped him achieve a million deals from having zero deals.

Key Takeaways:

[01:32] Introducing Michael McDonald
[02:06] Michael Shares His Journey in Real Estate and What He Do
[04:20] The Moment He Knew Her Wife is Pregnant
[05:46] Michael's Experiences in His First Real Estate Deal
[15:02] Michael Discovered Profit First
[18:28] How Profit First Impacts Michael's Real Estate Investing Journey
[24:43] Michael Shares His Plan for 2023
[28:20] Things He Has Done Differently When He First Started in Business
[29:21] Connect with Michael McDonald


[15:47] “Books are a disaster if you don't make it a priority.”
[21:11] “Treat yourself, take a trip, go on a vacation. You earned it.”
[25:51] “To have a team, the business can move on without your full attention.”

Connect with Michael:


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